Blogging101 Assignment #2: Blog Name and Tag Line

My second blogging assignment involved creating the title of my blog and the tagline. I will not be changing my title. Conscious and Breathing is something I came of with last year and good, bad, or otherwise, I love it and am sticking with it.

My tagline, on the other hand, in somewhat of a different story. “Discovering Life in My Thirties” is fairly accurate, at the moment, but puts a time restraint on the blog. Of course that assumes than in seven years this medium will still be active and popular, among all sorts of other assumptions, but let’s think positively and think long term.

I have been trying to brainstorm tag lines all day. This is the first time in a few years that I’ve regretted not snagging the paper copy of my thesaurus before leaving my last job. Technically it belonged to my boss, who is deceased, and I was laid off when the new owners bought the property, but seriously, they probably don’t even realize the thesaurus is on the bottom shelf in the back office collecting dust. And my boss would have wanted me to have it because he would agree more readily than anyone that sometimes you just need to browse a thesaurus.

Back to the present, in lieu of a paper thesaurus, I have looked up synonyms online as different words have come to me. Based on my brainstorming, I am toying with the following ideas:

Conscious and Breathing: Invigorating My Body and Soul

Conscious and Breathing: Awakening the Adult Me

Conscious and Breathing: Discovering My Potential

Conscious and Breathing: Surpassing My Potential

Conscious and Breathing: Evoking My Inner Joy

I’m honestly not sure about any of the above. All of the tags may be a bit lofty for what I actually achieve. This assignment will be an ongoing brainstorm for a while, I do believe, but I welcome all thoughts and opinions.


2 thoughts on “Blogging101 Assignment #2: Blog Name and Tag Line

  1. Conscious and Breathing…. Come explore with me!…. Come dream with me! Welcome to my world.
    My world through rose tinted glasses! My world! Just saying!, Like a Phoenix from the flames!
    Come! discover my world. The world through my eyeS.
    It’s a hard one ,good luck.


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