Stress Sabotage- Harness it!

Here are some great ideas from Nexus Body Systems to help with stressful situations that I’m going to have to try over the next few weeks and report back with what works for me.


Stress Management Concept

Stress is a huge cause of failure in our nutrition and exercise plans. It’s so much easier to grab something sweet or a cup of coffee to make ourselves feel better when we’re frustrated or tired at work or home. What if we could harness that stress and exhaustion to work for us and help us reach our goals instead of letting it self-destruct us?

Here are some ideas on how you can make stress work for you.

Boss made you mad? Kids driving you nuts? No problem, you’ve got this.

Hold plank for thirty seconds, do 5 push ups, break and do two more sets. Can’t hold plank for 30 seconds, yet, hold for 10, but push yourself, that’s key. You’ll be able to hold plank for 1 minute before you know it.


Run in place for 30 seconds, do 10 jumping jacks, walk in place for 20…

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