Blogging 101 Assignment 4: write a post to a dream reader

This assignment is a little tough for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, the goal at the moment is to get my thoughts and ideas out there, and figure out who is interested as I go along.  To think about my dream reader so early in the game seems slightly daunting.  So, let’s tackle this together.

Who are you dream reader?  Besides someone that obviously thinks what I write is amazing, who exactly are you?  You have to be interested in a variety of topics.  You have to be able to switch mental gears at the push of a button.  And you have to possess some sort of sense of humor, or this relationship just will not work.  While you are happy ruminating for hours on various philosophical topics, you understand that it is just important to remember how to correctly give oneself a pedicure without ruining the floor or the furniture.  And when the nail polish gets on the tip of the dog’s nose, it’s time to take a picture and share the laughter.

Above all, you understand that life is not just about one or two things, but is in questioning, celebrating and embracing the whole — the good and the bad, the temporal and spiritual, the ideal and the idiotic.

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