TROCRA: The Robotic and Organic Clone Regulation Act

We, the Senate of the Twenty-First Year of the rule of Alden, Third of His Name, have convened to determine the proper and just treatment of all manufactured clones, both of organic and robotic origin. After hearing evidence from all sides and undergoing extensive debate, the following regulations and policies shall be adopted immediately:

1. All clones remain the personal real and intellectual property of their human model, from the moment of conception until the end of their cycle.

2. The creation of a clone without the expression consent and approval of their human model is a capital crime punishable by a sentence of no less than twenty five years and the possibility of a death sentence, depending on the actions of the illegal clone.

3. The purpose for and cycle length of a clone is at the express discretion of the human model. If the human model instructs the clone to perform illegal activities, the human model will be charged as if they themselves committed the crime.

4. Should the clone act independently in an illegal manor, authorities and injured parties reserve the right to charge the manufacturer of the clone with negligence, with the exception of clones expressing ITD. In the case of ITD, manufacturers will only be responsible for reimbursing the human model for the cost of the clone and treatments to attempt to reverse ITD, costs not to exceed 5,000 prells.

5. The validity of ITD, Independent Thought Disorder, is acknowledged and accepted. Any clone exhibiting signs of ITD must be immediately detained. If psychological treatments are not effective within 48 hours, the clone’s cycle must be terminated. If the human model attempts to block termination in any way, they forfeit their rights to compensation and may be responsible for any actions taken by the clone.

6. Clones must be marked by a circle above their right eyebrow. Any attempt to hide or alter their mark will be punishable by the stocks.

7. Clones may not use public transportation.

8. Clones must live on the property of their human model. Clones cannot live off property, or in the vicinity of other clones that do not belong to the human model’s immediate family.

9. Clones must follow instructions of their human model, upon pain of termination.

10. Clones are accorded no rights, properties or monies. Any items or money earned in the course of their day is the express right of their human model.

We, the Senate of the Twenty-First Year of the rule of Alden, Third of His Name, do find these regulations to be judicious and fair to all and humbly submit them to Our Most Beneficial Ruler for His Seal and approval into law.

The inspiration for the creation of this piece comes from Clone Wars


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