My Five Sinful Favorites

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Five a Day.”

So of course one of my resolutions was to eat better and healthier. Seriously, when is that not a resolution? Is their anyone on the planet that does not automatically include ‘eat better’ in their New Years list? But I digress…

So of course one of my resolutions was to eat better and healthier. I decided to put that one off for a little bit, since the main goal of the year is to quit smoking (still rockin’ this goal, by the way and thank you) and there was no way in hell I would have had the will power to ignore my urge for a cigarette AND ignore my urge for a big old bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese. You know the one — four different cheeses all melted and gooey, coating the macaroni in a warm cheese blanket, with caresses of golden brown crispy baked goodness lining the top? Yeah, that one.

When I’m starting out my day without a cigarette, it’s incredibly easy to want to reward myself with a breakfast sandwich. Sausage, egg and cheese Croissanwich anyone? After all, I’m pretty hungry and haven’t had a smoke to curb my appetite, so I’d better eat something substantial. Those croissanwiches are pretty damn yummy.

And let’s not forget our favorite go to sandwich when the going gets tough and the tough need a quick, yummy meal that can be picked up at the drive thru in between making the bank deposit and going to the UPS to ship off parts. That’s right, nothing says yummy sandwich like a Beef n Cheddar from Arby’s. With extra Arby’s Sauce it’s perfect. And keeps me from lighting up a smoke in the car. (Of course at this point it is no longer a quick eat and go sandwich, because between the cheese and the sauce you will need to at least pull over and use both hands to eat, or you will need to change your shirt. But that’s beside the point because it is awesome, yummy)

And then, for when you go out and want to seem healthy, so you “just get that salad bar”? Do you realize how many yummy, bad for you things are on that salad bar? Bacon, ham, cheese, ranch dressing! By the time I finish a salad bar, it’s quite possible I would have been better off eating a Big Mac. But, I didn’t have a cigarette after eating that salad bar.

Then, when I get home, well damn, I really deserve something sweet, so let’s have a slice of peach pie with ice cream. Cold ice cream melting onto warm peach cobbler in a homemade crust? Perfect….

Thankfully I have never actually consumed all five of these items in one day. I may be guilty of consuming all five in one week, but never all in one day.

Now, however, my initial cigarette cravings have abated and it’s time to stop indulging myself and experiment with new recipes and eating healthy. This week is my first week of actively planning and tracking recipes and food, so I’ll be posting my successes and my failures in healthy cooking. The first blog post will be out by the end of the week, but probably not too much sooner, because I’m still trying to decide if I overdid it will the lemon on my yogurt marinated baked chicken. Gotta find a substitute for that Arby’s sauce…


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