Mars One

Mars One.

via Mars One.

So maybe my head has been buried for a few years and I should have caught wind of this before now, but I couldn’t believe my ears today while I was listening to the BBC newscast at work talking about the candidate selection for the first humans to land on Mars in 2025.

Um, What?!? This must be a prank. So I quickly told Siri to remind me about looking into this later and got back to work.

Fast forward nine hours and I’m checking my reminders for — oh yeah, I wanted to look up that Martian thing! A quick Google search takes me to the Mars One Project (see above link) and I start exploring the site.

The information is incredible, to the point of seeming fantastically surreal. Within a few minutes I have read a ten year plan, starting in 2015 to culminate in the first human colonists to land on the red planet in 2025. It includes eight unmanned missions in the next few years to set up the groundwork to make the colony habitable once humans arrive. It addresses various ethical and moral questions, such as whether having children will be permitted and whether this is a religious mission in any way. It talks about how the astronauts will be encouraged to take control of how their colony is expanded, and notes that it could be awhile before a return trip to Earth would be possible since the technology does not exist at this time and they would have to build their own rockets. I kept reading, shaking my head and asking, is this really real?

I haven’t found anything out there that says its a hoax, but I also don’t see where there is solid funding to support this all the way through yet. All I know for sure is that, as terrifying as the risks are, how cool would it be to be alive to witness the colonization of another planet?

4 thoughts on “Mars One

  1. About a year or two ago, they had actually been calling for volunteers from the general public to be part of the manned missions to Mars. I read somewhere that they were going to have a kind of reality tv setup, where viewers would vote for the people they thought should go to Mars. I think they were hoping some of the funding would come from that.
    I had really wanted to volunteer to go – but they had a $30 application fee and at the time (was a poor college student) I couldn’t really spare it.

    I think it would be amazing to watch people colonize Mars. It would be an exciting step for us. =D

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    1. It would be absolutely amazing if this really happens, but I must confess, I don’t think I would have the guts to go through with it myself. Props to you for even considering applying!


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