Self Check — Who are my Circle of Five?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

I started thinking about who my “circle of five” is. Five people that i want to surround myself with that in essence make up me.  I figured the easiest way to test this is to do the cell phone test.

The cell phone test consists of looking at your recent phone calls and recent texts.  Eliminate any work related, family related, or sales calls and look at who you have left.  (I’ve eliminated work and family, because they are mainly obligatory, but  if your significant other is not on the short list of calls, you might want to ask yourself a few questions.)  Once those names are out of the way, who are your top five contacts? When is the last time you spoke to each of them?  Are they the people you would choose in your head?  Is someone missing?

I just did this test and while I was mostly happy with the results, I realized there was someone missing that definitely needed to be up there.  So this is a short post, because I have a phone call to make.

2 thoughts on “Self Check — Who are my Circle of Five?

  1. Like your blog; makes you think doesn’t it; most of my calls are international; and not all that regular; i have not seen your blogs lately; i have been quite slack myself; i want to concentrate on my book. LOL Murray


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it really does make you think, and the benefit was I had a great conversation with a really good friend last night that I otherwise would not have a had. Yeah, sometimes I have to go slack on writing for a week or so due to the demands of the outside world, but as long as I come back I’m happy. Thanks as always for the kind words!


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