When I Could Still Walk on Clouds

This post is in response to Occupy Daily Prompt’s Picture Prompt #1

When I was a little girl, I had many notions of how the world worked which was, quite frankly, a hell of a lot more imaginative and exciting (and a bit more scary) than the way things actually ran.  I was sadly disappointed when I realized the truth about many of the following “truisms”, but the picture above of the man literally scanning all items of the suitcase has sent my down memory lane of how my mind worked as a child.

Childhood Rules of the Universe

  • Little talking mice were employed by the government to inhabit all of the stoplights on earth to look and see whose turn it was to go, change the lights from green to red and vice versa, and of course fix the lights if one of the light bulbs blew out.  (If you were wondering, a human worker would be raised by machine to the stoplight and would hand the replacement bulbs over to the mice, who would them stock them and radio the humans if they were getting low).
  • Clouds were physical objects.  It was entirely possible to run around and play on one and talk to the Cloud People.
  • Actors hung around at special gas stations to perform their shows when it was time for them to air on TV.  It was a good thing you could smell through the TV because it was stink like gas fumes.                                   Explanation: I asked my grandmother how people got on TV. She told me they were filmed at the station and the gas station was the only station I was familiar with. I had no conception of a recording at the time, which leads to the next rule…
  • My grandparents bought us a new machine one Christmas called a VCR that trapped mini versions of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Wizard, the Witch and the flying monkeys.  I could watch them whenever I wanted, but if I couldn’t fall asleep before 11:59, I had to shut my eyes tight and count to two hundred before opening them.  You see, the flying monkeys got let out for a minute at midnight and if I saw them, they could hurt me.  It was a creepy ass movie, what can I say?
  • I had to constantly be on the look out for police cars while my grandmother drove me around town.  I was so scared she was going to get arrested for the open Dixie cup of sweet tea in the cup holder.  The TV constantly told us “no open containers” and “don’t drink and drive”.

I may add to this post , because I know there were more that are just beyond my memory at the moment.  Something about a record player and Alvin and the Chipmunks among other things…  However, I currently have six unpublished, unfinished drafts and don’t want a seventh, so this is published as a “Post In Progress”.

7 thoughts on “When I Could Still Walk on Clouds

    1. Thanks! One of the things I’m working on is accepting that I will never be consistently perfect and if I try to be, I’ll never accomplish anything. “Post In Progress” is how I justify that good enough is okay in many situations, but I can always come back and improve when time permits.

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  1. I was surprised to learn that the songs on the radio were not the band in the office place playing them over and over. I often thought to myself, gee these guys must really get sick of playing this one song 100 times a day!

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