Witches, Romans and Broomsticks

For years, ever since I can remember, really, I’ve had a variation of the same dream. The locations change in the dream as does the exact scenario, but there are always three constants: I am battling some force of evil (the degree of evilness varies), I can fly (sometimes of my own accord and sometimes by use of an aid, such as a broom), and there are Roman soldiers.

Yes, I know, you don’t have to say anything.  I have a seriously strange mind.  I accepted that fact long ago.  Once acknowledged, everything else just seems to make more sense.

I can’t tell you the first time I had this dream or the last.  I only know that when I have this dream it’s like a warm blanket on a chilly day.  I know I am in a world I have been in many times before and I am in control of everything.  I can soar among the trees, scale buildings and cross great waterways.  The general public doesn’t always trust me, but comes to grudgingly respect me after I save their hides… again.  And I can always count on the Roman soldiers for help (after I rescue them, of course, for they are all POWs to whatever witch or evil force I am battling).

The only thing I have never been able to explain is how my child mind came up with this in the first place.  My mother was pretty seriously religious and I don’t think I was introduced to a lot of the concepts in these dreams until I was at least old enough to go to school (especially the concept of the misunderstood mystic overcoming the dogmatic fears of the general population).  And I know for a fact I started having these dreams prior to school because I woke up from it once in the apartment we used to live in.  

The only possibility is perhaps my grandfather started my education to counterbalance religion earlier than I remember.  He never said anything against religion, just made sure I was presented with stories and scenarios that taught me to always have an open mind and ask questions rather than simply accepting statements made by authority figures as fact.  I wouldn’t put it past him to have started much sooner than I can consciously remember.

Regardless of how it came to be, I continue to enjoy this dream well into adulthood.  My only wish is that I could spend more time flying and less time battling whatever it is I have to battle that particular night.  Flying is sweet.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

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One thought on “Witches, Romans and Broomsticks

  1. Hi, as always i enjoy your posts and generally relate to what you are writing about. Flying is astral traveling and most of us do it in our sleep as the mind is out of the rode and does not interfere with the process. I have only ever done it when conscious (once); (asleep many times) it was when i was in Malaysia in 1998; i was sitting on a balcony 10 floors up watching a full moon rising over the jungle near our apartments; when i suddenly started to shoot out of my body straight towards the moon at a devastating rate; it was so exhilarating that all i could do was say wow!! At that moment i was back in my body instantly; i was so pissed off i was devastated. I have tried to recreate that again consciously without success; but it showed me that we do have the ability to transcend our bodies beyond the physical while we are alive; we do not have to die to do that. I have had many out of body experiences but not the same as astral traveling. Have fund and as long as it; the dream leaves you feeling good after it then that is all that matters; just your aspirations expressing them selves. LOL Murray

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