Humans of the Pre Gamma Ray Era

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Collection of the Artist.”

One thousand years ago, humans lived a very different life than we are familiar with today.  Until very recently, we have known very little about their ways of life. Through what little records survived both the Third World War (2019-2026) and the ElectroMagnetic Pulse of 2056, we have had little luck in understanding what life was like for our species in the former Millenia.  That is no longer the case.

A dramatic breakthrough has just been uncovered, a discovery that sheds more light on the Nuclear Age than we could have imagined possible.  As construction workers excavated to dig foundations for a Lunar Barbican, they discovered the entrance to an underground room, containing more items dated to the early 21st century than we have uncovered before!  Most importantly, a electronic device was discovered in what is labelled as a “Faraday box” that was still functioning once we discovered its power source!

This exhibit shares our most detailed insights into the everyday lives of our ancestors, as we have never been able to understand before.  Their diet consisted of mainly processed foods, such as “Spam” (a meat-like substance that seems to never go bad) and “Spaghettio’s”, a process that claims to have a full serving of vegetables.  We can only assume “vegetable” meant something different one thousand years ago.

The most interesting information comes from the electronic device.  The former owner, named “Naomi BigBooty Candy”, according to her government registration with the Official United Nations website called “FaceBook”, shed many insights into the political and cultural views of the time, such as the travels of  Prince Justin Bieber.

Exhibit will be open through the next Solstice.  Adults 740 grans Children and Seniors 450 grans  Under 6 Free


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