Transforming from an Owl to a Lark: Can It Be Done?

Night Owl vs. Morning Lark

I am NOT a morning person.  I never have been.  I’ve always been the night owl, staying up through the dead of night writing, reading, web surfing, jamming out to music, catching up on Netflix, well, you get the idea.  Unfortunately, all that late night activity does not lend itself to a productive morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem waking up at whatever time is required of me, getting to work and functioning.  But am working to the best of my ability?  I constantly feel rushed, and sometimes completely scattered, like I’m playing catch up with everything and don’t have control over how my day is shaped.

So when I run across an article like this one:

12 highly influential people share the morning routines that set them up for success in Featured Reads curated by Trove Editors.

I really started thinking about ways I could train myself into a morning routine that might make my whole day go better.

My main thing is I always feel like I’m pushing aside personal time in order to meet the demands of work and the needs of loved ones.  But if I could find that personal time in the morning, then anything extra I get at night is bonus right?

Some of the ideas really appeal to me, like going through email and using the time to blog and set my mind straight for the day.  A mini breathing session (that is where I am as far as meditation — it’s a breathing session that I can sometimes transcend for a few seconds but can’t sustain yet), a time to go ahead and work my abs like I keep insisting I need to do every day regardless of what class I’m attending at the gym that day.  Just time to get my head in order before I worry about anyone else.  I can’t see how that could do anything but help!

Of course, I am no where near delusional enough to think I can do this overnight.   Ha!  That is the surest way to fail.  But what if I start with baby steps?  For the next month, I need to wake up ten minutes early to incorporate a quick ab routine before starting my day.   If I can get that down, we can add another step.

Hmmm….how to track this.  There must be a fun way to keep track…  Suggestions welcome!

Oh, and by the way, I had no clue that the same man cofounded both Patron and Paul Mitchell!  Interesting factoid of the day.  You are most certainly welcome.



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