Stop Telling Women to Smile

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Stop Telling Women To Smile.

This is a New York Based campaign, focusing on making people aware of gender based street harassment how it hurts and effects women.

Where I live, I don’t have to worry about this too much.  It’s a small little Southern town and if someone were to say something harassing in passing, it is most likely that one or several other men will  be within ear shot and will start beating the guy up either verbally or physically for daring to speak to a lady that way.

So as I was begin watching the video describing the issue and the campaign, I’m thinking in my head, thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that crap.  As I continue watching though, different descriptions and reactions that the women are talking about strike a chord with me.

There are plenty of times that I am expected to be all smily and flirty and sociable simply to stroke a man’s ego.  Situations where I am expected to spend my precious time being all nice and congenial to some guy because it is assumed that his conversation is much more important than anything I could possibly doing and if I were to cut the conversation short, I would be a bitch.  It’s a blatant abuse of Southern hospitality in my opinion, and directly correlates to what I call the “good ole boy syndrome”, where some men think they can talk there way in or out of anything just cuz of who there daddy is, or who they went to high school with.

By the end of watching the video, I realize gloomily that street harassment is only one form of a greater type of gender harassment and I don’t know if anyone is immune.


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