Word of the Day: Defenestration

Update: I am editing for spelling corrections, apparently my computer thinks it knows better than I do what i would like to say…  My apologies…

I learned a new word tonight.  Defenestration.  I’m a little humbled that I did not know the word already, however it is new to me.  Defenestration refers to throwing some one out of a window, and if Wikipedia is to be believed, it has an interesting history throughout the world.  I myself remember a television episode I watched recently, I cannot remember the name of the show, but it had to do with Mary Queen of Scots in Paris (it’s some WB teen show) and it has to do with the King of France and throwing one of his concubines out of the window. That is apparently how they figured out the man was mad.  There must be some indication of madness prior to him killing some poor girl who had the unlucky privilege of sharing his bed.  I mean really… But maybe the defenestration was what forced everyone (such as his wife, who seemed more than happy to let the whores please him) to acknowledge that yes, he was truly out of his mind. I personally can’t imagine throwing some out of a window.  I mean, I can visualize it, but to think about actually committing the act?  I’m a bitch, but I don’t think I could do that.  Unless the person was immediately threatening my life or the life of someone else.  That would be my exception.  Then I could throw anyone off of anywhere.  No questions asked. As I write this, I’m jamming to some old school alternative.  I’ve listened to Sublime, Nirvana, No Doubt, Semisonic and Everest in the last half hour, and now I’m jamming to Bush.  This is the first time all week i’ve enjoyed myself. I’m trying to figure out Tumblr and what it does and why I want it.  If anyone has clues, I would appreciate.  I am one of those who won’t do anything new until its almost dead, but I’m happy to report Twitter seems to be alive and well in spite of me. So anyway, I do apologize for another word association post, but I rather like writing them and learning a new word for another way to kill someone.  I would suggest staying on my good side.  My death vocabulary is growing rather extensive, and my imagination has no bounds. Haha don’t worry too much, I’m having too much fun listening to Soundgarden “I don’t like what you got me hanging from…” Till next time peeps   Word Association #2.

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