Sundry Sunday Challenges Part 1

I was about to write a post complaining about how I have absolutely nothing on today’s Sundry Sunday challenge via Occupy Daily Prompt. And then I read LRose’s response blog post, stating how she was having a difficult time with this one (which is a bit ironic since she is the one who posted the prompt). So I figured, if she can go for it, I can too! Here we go…

  • Think up titles of potential books you’d like to write

This is what I have come up with today for the series that plays out in my head and I would like to write down one day. But to be honest, I would probably never use these titles. Titles are something that come to me while I’m actively writing. They usually just appear in my head as I’m telling the story, and usually have something to do with a tangent story line that I was never originally intending to happen, but spontaneously must be the way the story progresses. It’s part of the magic…

Disparate Realities Series

       Reclaiming the Fire

       Kindling the Flame

       The Merging

        Rising from the Ash

  • Create a character with personality traits of someone you love, but the physical characteristics of someone you don’t care for.

Hmm, I agree with LRose that this could come back to bite me, but seeing as how I know the person I love has a great sense of humor and really doesn’t care, I’m gonna take the stance that I can just should a couple of people come across this post, they just may get paranoid that  I might be talking about them…. Teehee 

Mellie waited patiently for the families to start arriving. She had been bracing herself for the emotional confusion that was eminent.  She had to stay strong, friendly, compassionate, knowledgable, helpful and assertive all at the same time. These people would depend on her to do that, for it is something that they would not currently be capable of.  She pushed a wisp of greying blonde hair away from her eyes and readjusted her hair clip. Cleaning her glasses, she went over her list of preliminary introductions and instructions, muttering them automatically  under her breath. She had a high voice, and a great set of lungs that could cut through even the most panicked groups. Separate the families based on who has survived or succumbed, and then further into stable or critical conditions. Go to the families of the living first and assure them information will come soon, then quickly go to the families of the deceased and answer their questions as best as possible until grief counselors arrive. Then back to the living. Tell the families of stable patients they can visit soon and keep the others updated on ongoing surgeries and the like. She can do this.

  • Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

  This one is difficult, because this place exists more in my mind than anything else and I’ve never attempted to describe it before because I just know it to be.

Walking along the lush grass, I can feel the cool morning dew refreshing my skin, seeping into my toes and traveling up my body all the way through my hair.  I am in a clearing, with a cliff bursting with foliage on my one side. From the cliff bursts a waterfall which empties into the lake in front of me and I’m surrounded by forest on all other sides.  Mist wisps lazily through the air. Trees stretch their canopy impossibly high in the sky as they seem to continuously go up, up, up. Birds flying in and out, and the presence of all of the animals of the forest can be felt.  The sounds aren’t quite what you would expect. Everything takes on a more musical quality. It is a place to reflect, to heal, to learn and and to be.

And we come to the end of Part 1. There are three more challenges to go, but my brain needs to recharge first. Part 2 will come either later tonight or tomorrow.

  • Draft a letter to a publishing agent telling them how wonderful you are.
  • Compose a poem about a memorable moment in your life.
  • Rewrite a fairy tale from the bad guy’s point of view.
  • Think up titles of potential books you’d like to write.

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