The Girl Without a Care

In response Quote Prompt #3. Occupy Daily Prompt

“I wrote the story myself. It’s about a girl who lost her reputation and never missed it.” ― actress Mae West

I scurry down the hall, head down to hide my splotchy red cheeks and puffy eyes.  I try to shut down my hearing but I can still hear everyone around me.  Whispering, giggling.  I try to tell myself that they aren’t all talking about me, but I know I’m wrong.  I’d made an enemy of the most popular, hateful girl in school and she had gotten her revenge.  I choked back a sob, ducking my head further into my books.  

How was I to know she liked Chris Torrello?  I’d never heard her talk about him, or to him. I thought she thought he was beneath her really.  If I had known, I would’ve made sure she never saw the notes I scribbled.  She never would’ve seen his name…

I finally reached my locker just in time to stick my full head inside before the tears erupted from my eyes.  I felt like an ostrich, trying to ignore the fact that my life was ruined.

“It’s gonna be fine you know,” a familiar voice said as I felt the weight of a body lean against the locker beside me.  “She’s really done you a favor, whether you realize it or not.” As I peered an eye back out into the hallway, I saw Nadine standing beside me, mercifully blocking the view of my face from everyone but herself.

“That’s easy for you to say,” I sniffed. ” No one cares what you do.  How do you get away with that? I haven’t  so much as smiled at Chris Torrello, but everyone thinks she caught us doing it under the bleachers!”

“The only reason they care about what you do is because you let them see it bothers you,” she replied in a stern voice. “Do you really think I was making out with Bobby Hunter is the principal’s office? I just laughed it off so they would forget about it and move on to the next victim.”

“But you and Bobby are dating!” I protested. Nadine sighed in frustration.

Now we are! How do you think I got him to agree to go out with me in the first place? I told him if we had such a hot and heavy session, he should at least buy me lunch one day, he laughed and two months later, boyfriend and girlfriend.  Anne Marie still glares every time she sees us together.”  Nadine started laughing. “Kelly, you realize if we play our cards right, Anne Marie will never get to go out with a single guy she has a crush on?”

I suddenly realized my tears had turned into a giggle fit.  “Oh my god, Nadine, your right! Come help me touch up my makeup, I gotta find Chris and see if he wants to catch the new Avengers movie coming out this weekend!”

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