And I’m Back…

I probably should have announced I was going to be away, but I did not expect my family trip to take me away from the blog at all.  Okay, let me rephrase that. I ignorantly stuck my head in the sand and allowed myself to believe that amid traveling 1500 miles and visiting over twenty different family members in a thirty-six hour time frame, certainly I would have time to post in my blog like normal. 

Yeah, sure.

While I didn’t have time to post, I did get some great character ideas and story lines while I was away.  I’m hoping to begin utilizing them immediately.

So, I am home, I have had a good nights sleep, and nothing managed to burn down while I was gone.  As I try to catch up on posts and prompts, I realize I have missed some great prompts and some great challenges that I’m really excited to tackle this week.    It’s good to be home.


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