Idyllic Community 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Idyllic.” 

I’ve never much liked the idea of spending a lot of time crafting ideals.  That is not to say I haven’t done it, but it has never really helped me as much as one would think.  Several times it has down right backfired.

The second you create an ideal, you are setting a standard for something.  And that standard usually is not flexible and fluid, while the environment needing the standard remains in flux.  Thus, this hard to attain/maintain ideal you have set for yourself doesn’t stay idyllic for very long.  And it doesn’t take long for people to forget exactly why the standard was set in the beginning, but simply know what the standard is.  This creates dogma; the way things must be, though there is no logical explanation for why they should be so.

On the opposite end, there is the adage that if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.  Most “idyllic” communities fail, for various reasons, some more nefarious than others.  You could look towards cults where people believe they are acting out of a certain mindset, but by the time they are asked to do what would otherwise be considered reprehensible acts, they are so brainwashed that they cannot see that their “ideal” is not an ideal at all.  On the opposite end, you simply have to factor in human error.  We are human, we will make mistakes, that is our nature. The nature of an ideal is to be perfect.  It is not compatible.

Instead of dealing with ideals, I much prefer optimistic realism.  Still has all the hope, but keeps you grounded to earth.

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