Word Association: Firewood and Goosebumps

Firewood and Goosebumps…..Go!


Firewood and goosebumps just automatically become opposing ideas in my brain.  Firewood is to keep warm  and goosebumps are obviously what comes of not having enough warmth.  Maybe they aren’t so much opposing as they are cause and affect.  Whichever, they are my choice for this challenge.

My first thoughts go straight to that TV show on right now, Naked and Afraid.  My husband is addicted to that show.  I don’t hate it, but it would be fair to say I tolerate it.  There are tons of goosebumps in that show, mainly because two adults decided it would be a great idea to strip down naked and then spend the next 21 days attempting to survive in the middle of nowhere with a complete stranger of the opposite sex.  There is often firewood as well, and if the participants are lucky, the firewood will actually be burning.  So what are my thoughts on all of this?

Why???? Seriously people, who wakes up in the morning and says, I want to get dropped off in the middle of the Everglades, no sign of human life in a hundred mile radius, take off all my clothes and try to navigate the alligator-filled swamp with a complete stranger?  News flash people, there is a reason the animals in nature survive comfortably naked and we need clothing; it’s called fur!  It gets cold at night, even in the summer.  Can you honestly tell me that you would be comfortable out in the elements completely naked when the temperature is only sixty degrees? (If you live in Alaska, ignore that question.)

Plus, their is the whole layer of protection issue.  Clothing is protection against gnats and flies and bees and Mosquitos, just to name a few.  Oh my God, mosquito bites on my lady parts?!? No thank you!  And what happens when you get Spurs and needles in you feet from walking barefoot through the woods? Not to mention the little protection clothing would have given you against any poisonous creatures is completely wiped out.

Putting aside the whole clothing question, you are doing this with a stranger?  I realize that in a real life survival scenario you may not get your choice of companion, but if you are volunteering to do this, wouldn’t you want someone you trusted and worked well with by your side? Someone who complemented and added to your skills?

Don’t get me wrong, I have total and complete respect for anyone that can survive this sort of situation, but I don’t see the need to take the challenge to these extremes.  I mean, really, it seems like a ratings ploy to me and I just don’t get it….

Word Assoc. #4: Thesis/Anti-Thesis.

5 thoughts on “Word Association: Firewood and Goosebumps

  1. I like that you put 2 from the list together to create a discussion about something that is opposite of the other. I don’t believe I live under a rock, but I’ve not heard of this show.

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    1. Like I said, in my opinion you aren’t missing very much, but if you care to watch five minutes, it’s on the Discovery Channel and it seems like they are constantly rerunning episodes…
      And thanks for the feedback! Those two words just jumped as being natural opposites.

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  2. What Rose said! Your approach to this piece is original and really inspirational. I also don’t know that show but that may be because I only turn on the tv for hockey games!

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