Road Trip

When I was young (eight or nine, maybe?), I remember going on a road trip with Mom, my sister, and my mother’s cousin.  We went south somewhere, Raleigh or maybe Charleston?  The whole trip is very foggy, except I remember being excited every time we got back in the car.  Getting back in the car meant jam time!

We sang our hearts out to just about anything that came on the radio.  Mom was singing and driving, hands thumping against the steering wheel to the beat.  Mom’s cousin provided the air microphone, flipping around to the backseat so that my sister and I could lean in and join in the chorus. When we didn’t have our heads mashed up to the air mic, my sister and I were jumping and dancing around the backseat (seat belt safety wasn’t taken as seriously then).

For some reason, Pretty Woman kept playing over and over.  I’m not sure if the movie had just come out, but the time frame seems right.  Anyway, after the third go round, we had the song down pat, including harmonies and who took the lead at what part of the song.  By the tenth, rendition, we were ready to go on tour. And by the fifteenth, well Pretty Woman was the theme song for the trip.  My first girls’ road trip.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Always Something There to Remind Me.”

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