Crowd Writing: Picture Prompt #20

I keep meaning to get involved in a crowd writing prompt. They all seem so fun, but so far, I’ve been plain scared. So here I am, giving it a go. All of the crowd prompt stories lines can be found here. I haven’t actually read any of them yet til I submit this.  The quoted portion is TNKerr’s original story, which can be found here.  I’m not sure if I got the brogue right, but here you are….


Ten quid and all the time in the world, that’s what Nigel had in his pocket when he pushed open the garden gate and stepped out onto the pavement. He turned up towards the High Street and started whistling a nameless tune, he was going to get a bite at the new Chinese take-away and eat it at the pub. He quite fancied a pint or two with his mates – Ginny was working tonight too so that was a bonus.
At the Mei Garden Take-Away he got a double order of Kung Pao Chicken. Mrs. Lee packed it up and sent him on his way. He went straight to the Royal Oak and was pleased to see Ginny behind the bar, William and Paul were holding down a small table by the window.
“Evenin’ Ginny,” he said, “Can I have a pint o’ Best and another of whatever Paul and William are each havin’ for them.”
She nodded, “whatcha got in the bag, Nigel?” she asked him. “Better not be cats!”
He leaned in close and whispered, “I got some take-away from that new Chinese place up the road. Can ye bring us a couple o’ plates and some forks too, Ginny?”
“Aww, geeze Nige,”she screwed up her face, “ye canna let Malcolm see ya eatin’ outside food in here. He’ll lose it!”
Nigel smiled at her and she put three bowls and three forks on the bar, “go on then, eat fast and bring these back here as soon as ye finish, so I can wash ’em up. I’ll fetch the beers.”
Nigel leaned over the bar and gave her a peck on the cheek, “Yer a peach Ginny, ya are.” He turned and headed over to the table with William and Paul. “Hail fellows well met,” he bellowed as he doled out the bowls and split up the Kung Pao. Then more softly he added, “Eat quickly lads or face the wrath of Maid Ginny and Sir Malcolm.”
They all tucked into their food. Ginny brought a round of drinks and when they finished, Paul took the incriminating evidence back to the bar. Their crime had gone undetected, as Malcolm was still out back, doing whatever it was that he was doing back there.
Nigel went through the bag but Mrs. Lee had only sent one fortune cookie.
“We only got the one, lads,” Nigel said to his mates. “I reckon we oughta give it to Ginny on account o’ her being so accommodatin’ an all.” It was agreed; and when she brought the next round they presented her the biscuit with plenty of fanfare and aplomb. She opened it straightaway, studied the small slip of paper for a moment, folded it in half and slipped it into her brassiere; she winked at the lads and turned back to the bar.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ginny, what’s it say?” they all asked.
Ginny just looked back at them over her shoulder, she smiled, popped half of the cookie into her mouth, and kept walking. She waved to Mr. Skipworth as he came through the door.

“Evenin’ to ya Mr Skipworth,” Ginny called out. “Yer normal double scotch?”

“Good evening, Ginerva. Yes, we can start with a double scotch and see where that leads.”

“Right away, Mr. Skipworth,” Ginny replied. It’s gonna lead ta ya  tryin’ ta stick yer hand up me skirt, ya perverted bastard!, she frowned as she hustled towards the back.

“Malcolm! Mr. Skipworth’s here, so be about yer business!”

Returning to the bar she poured a double Glenlevit on the rocks and handed it to Mr. Skipworth.

“Shall I fetch Malcolm ya come meet ya at the bar, sir, or will ya be finding yer way out back to meet in private?”

“I’ll make my way out to see Malcolm presently. Thank you Ginerva.”

“Yer welcome, sir.” Ginny spun away quickly as she could feel his intense burning stare at her bosom.  Creep…

It was no matter, though. Hardly anything could get her down for too long today. She snuck a glance at Paul sitting with his mates.  An altogether different burning sensation crept over her.  Last night had been…. Magical.

She had begged him though to please not tell anyone yet.  She didn’t want to get in trouble with Malcolm, or Mr. Skipworth for that matter. No. She shuddered. Definitely not gonna make Mr Skipworth angry.

She shook off the thought and looked back at Paul.  He caught her gaze and winked suggestively, causing her to quickly turn lest someone see her blush.  She busied herself tidying up and avoided go back behind the bar until Mr. Skipworth finally slid off the barstool and went out back in search of Malcolm.

She and Paul got to the bar at the same time.  “Another round for ya and yer mates?”

“If ya please, Ginny dear!” Paul spoke loudly, and then quieter, “Am I gonna need ta give Mr. Skipworth a lesson in how he sho’ be treatin’ ya?”

“Paul don’t you dare!” She whispered fiercely.  “I’d lose this job and we’d both be inna world a hurt! Besides, ya don’t wanna yer mates to know about me. Imma not good enough to be with likes a you.”

“You’ve listened ta Malcolm’s BS for far too long if ya really think that my darlin’.  But I’ll do as ya ask and keep quiet, fer now.”

At that moment, they both came to the realization that they could hear angry shouting and loud thumps coming from the back.

“What in the world-” Ginny started.

The back door burst open and in the frame stood Malcolm, breathing heavily and covered in blood.


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  1. Good on ya! I am so happy you jumped in!! It’s a fun storyline. When I have more time I will do some ping-backing get it set up with the other storylines. I just wanted to take a moment now to read and comment.

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