M: Henry! Henry! Wake up!

H: Shhh… Maudette, don’t you see I’m asleepin’? <hiccup>

M: I see that you have passed out in the middle of the afternoon with the glass of gin still in your hand!

H: Ah, thank ya for pointin’ that out Maudette, I was getting mighty thirsty. That was very hospitimal — hospili — hosp — that was kind of ya, Maudette.

M: You lazy, good for nothing, drunk excuse for a brother! Grandfather will be he any minute and if you ruin this for me I will never forgive you! Now GET UP!!!

H: okay, okay! There’s no need to yell, you’re hurtin’ my head. I’m a comin, I’m a comin…. Relax, little sister, I’ll be good. I’ll impress Grandfather and accept his fancy banker’s job in Atlanta, and you will join me to run the household and not miss a single tea, luncheon or ball this season. God as my witness! Now be a dear and get me some water and a cold rag…

Picture Prompt #22: Unplugged.

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