The Trials and Tribulations of Being Max|Episode 2: Heeere’s Petey!

Max’a bad week was turning into a bad month.  

  After surviving an entire week of Peaches and the neighbor’s dog terrorizing him, he’s had taken to napping under the guest bed.  That’s where he was when he heard keys rattling in the door.  Damn! He’s bringing Stupid over early… I thought I had another hour of peace.  But it wasn’t the neighbor that spoke. 

 “Peaches! Oh look at you! Are you happy to see me? Did you miss your Momma?  I missed you!  Here you go, have a treat, good dog. Max! Maxie kitty!  Where are you?!” 

 Mummy?!?  Is it really Mummy? The heavens opened and the Angels began singing, bright warm light pouring over him.  I’m coming, Mummy! Max lept out from under the bed and began running at full speed to the front door, graceful as any leopard. He rounded the corner from the hallway to the living room and what he saw made him skid to a sudden stop.

 “There you are Maxie! Come give Momma a rub!” 

 It wasn’t fair! Mummy was right there. But just to the left of her, standing a full two inches taller and at least thirty pounds heavier than the last time they had met, was The Nephew.  Max stared up at him, hair raised and claws out.  

 “Max, you remember Petey don’t you? Why are you so defensive Maxie? It’s okay, Petey’s family, don’t you remember?” 

Oh, Max remembered.  He remembered his head being stuffed in the toilet and gasping for air as Petey tried to flush him down the toilet.  That’s what Max remembered.  

Without another sound, he turned and ran into Mummy’s bedroom under the bed.  That was the only safe room in the house now.

He stayed there for hours, ignoring Mummy’s pleas for him to come out, ignoring Peaches barking at him, ignoring Petey whispering through the bedroom door, “kitty, kitty! Don’t you want to come out and play?” 

Max shuddered and tried to sleep, but apparently Mummy was very worried that he was okay, because she opened the one thing he could never resist.  Sheba Cod and Shrimp in Gravy.  

 In spite of himself he started walked out towards the kitchen.  This is really humiliating. I should be stronger than this. The first step is to admit I have a problem.

As Hr passed the guest bedroom, the door creaked open and he stopped in spite of my self. 

 “Hi kitty, kitty. After you eat dinner you want to come play?” Petey’s eyes gleamed evilly and he opened the door enough for Max to see inside.

Max recoiled at the sight he beheld in the corner.  Petey was going to electrocute him.

In response to  Picture Prompt #22: Unplugged.


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