Art & Plastic Surgery

“Eddy, I need you to move these oils! Romero is coming in twenty minutes for a nose job!”

“A nose job, eh?” Eddy grumbled as he carefully moved the drying canvases into the next room. “Let me guess.  He’s fallen for the Governor’s daughter and needs a disguise to sneak into the mansion.”

“Shut it Eddy!”  She hissed. “If you haven’t noticed these guys would just as easily kill us as pay us and it’s not exactly like those paintings are bringing in a lot these days!”

“Oh come on Brenda! They won’t kill you, you’re the only decent surgeon in a hundred miles!”

“All the more reason for you to keep your mouth shut!” She responded pointedly. “They know full well that any old woman in the village could be brought in as my assistant during a procedure.”

Eddy was quiet for a minute as he processed his usefulness in their new life.  “Hey, Romero might buy that dahlia watercolor I did last week! His mom loves those things.”

Brenda nodded. “Okay, try it. Knock off 300 pesos and sell it as a bundle deal.  If you can sell it, we’ll have enough to send Jenny for the month and we can start worrying about our own rent.” She turned from Eddy so he couldn’t see her expression, but her husband knew her far too well and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“This isn’t gonna be forever, babe. Jenny is safe and the second McCabe gets proof that Richards fabricated those records and he’s convicted, you’re in the clear with the law and back to the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

“You’re a lot more confident than I am sometimes. I know Richards could kill me if I was jailed, but who’s to say one of Don Carlos’ men can’t be bought?”  Brenda turned to Eddy. “Any procedure that walks through this door could be the death of us. Damn! Why did I have to walk in on that conversation?!”

“Calm down, baby, calm down! Just hang in their with me. Keep Don Carlos happy with your surgical skills and I’ll keep on painting dahlias, and desert scenes and whatever else these old women will buy.”

“You’re right, baby. Thanks, I needed that.” As Brenda took a few calming breaths, one of the disposable phones rang. “Hola? Don Carlos… si… si, Señor… Romero e Ramon. Enseguida.” She hung up the flip phone and looked at Eddy.

“Okay babe, we’re covering Jenny and our rent this afternoon. Romero gets a nose job and Ramon apparently was in a nasty wreck and needs some bones set and possibly reconstructive to the face.”

“I don’t know if we’ve got enough anesthetic for all of that.  Freddy ain’t coming back through til tomorrow or the next day.”

“Doesn’t matter. Don Carlos wants them ready for a stateside trip in 7 weeks. He’ll pay regular price now and double it if Ramon is ready in time. Whatever needs to be set, it needs to be set today and we’ll just strap him to a gurney for seven weeks if we have to.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll put out the open sign…”

In response to Picture Prompt #12: Art & Plastic Surgery.


3 thoughts on “Art & Plastic Surgery

  1. LOVE this! So much fun. Life on the lam when you’ve got skills, however strangely matched, to sell. Really, so much fun! BTW…the pic was taken by my late father somewhere in Mexico and was a favorite of his. He loved finding oddly worded and otherwise weird signs.

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