The Dissenters

Picture Prompt #21: Theme & GenreAfter humanity had lived under the rule of the Brihm God for a number of years, there came one who refused take the Word in Faith and challenged all teachings.

Quietly, he began asking questions of his neighbors and friends as to why the rule was such as it was.

Why is there a strict curfew enforced between sunset and sunrise?

Well, because the evil Gods can get to us and harm us and kill us!

Have you ever seen an evil God at night?  I certainly have not.

Because we don’t dare go out there! Whyever else would they make that rule?

I could be wrong. Maybe I’ve just been lucky to have never encountered an evil God.  But it sure is much easier for Enforcers to keep track of who comes and goes since it is all done in daylight! Lucky for them, eh?

Why can copies of the Sacred Covenant only be held and read by Brihm’s Chosen?

Why, it’s a sacred, holy text! If we were to hold it, we would desecrate it!

But perhaps we would not desecrate it, for since we could then read it ourselves, we could better understand what Brihm desires of us.  Just think how much more time Brihm’s Chosen would have for good work and charity if they didn’t have to constantly reinterpret the Sacred Covenant! 

In this manner did the Dissenter create and nurture seeds of doubt in the minds of many Faithful.  Many Faithful, painfully troubled by this doubt, sought out their Chosen to find answers to these questions.  But so good were the arguments posed by the Dissenter, the usual replies of the Chosen simply would not suffice.

It soon became clear that the Conclave of Select Chosen must meet in full to determine the best way to stamp out this heresy.  They decided their only recourse was to try the Dissenter and be sure he would be sentenced to death.

 On the day of the trial, the Dissenter was represented by his most vocal Advocate, his sister.  She used every method at her disposal to prove the Dissenter’s questioning and valid and reasonable, but was met by a brick wall at every turn.  The answer always came down to the fact that the heresy was the act of questioning the Law, so answers to his questions did not have to be provided.

The court sentenced the Dissenter to death and the Judge proclaimed that upon his death, his heresy shall be erased from the earth.

The Dissenter laughed. “My death will erase nothing.  At most, my name may be forgotten, but my message will ring clearer than ever.  What government feels so threatened by a man asking why, that they feel their only recourse is to kill him?  Why does Brihm demand our daily lives be so regimented? Why are the books in the ancient library forbidden?  I have seen them!  Stories of people dancing, playing music! Laughing! Why does Brihm forbid this? Why does he demand so much control? I can die, but the questions will continue until they are either properly answered or the Law of Brihm is no more!”

And so soldiers, as we march today against the stronghold of Brihm’s Select Chosen, remember why we have fought these last fifty-three years.  Remember the lives of the First Dissenter and every Dissenter that followed his words.  Their lives have led us here today.  There lives allow us to storm this stronghold and make our demands.  We are now the Dissenters! We will have answers! We will have Freedom!

In response to Picture Prompt #21: Theme & Genre.


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