Eight Facets of God

Picture Prompt #23: Other Realms II

Top Right to Left: Tan, Red, Copper, Green
Bottom Left to Right: Blue, Brown, Torquoise, Alabaster

Blue <Deep, booming “Zeus” voice>:  So then the shepherd said, “how else would I fleece my flock?”
<Blue, Turquoise, Alabaster and Green laugh and carry on jovially. Others remain silent.>

Green<Tinny male voice>: Aw, come on Copper! That was a good one Blue told! Since when don’t you like a good shepherd joke?

Copper<Oxford English>: What <HUGE exaggeration of the “Wh”> could you possibly find humorous while these humans proceed in destroying themselves?  Tan, Brown and I have gone over all the permutations twice. If this persists, Red will have to destroy all we created. Meanwhile you four go down there and stir up the pot, playing pranks and instigating bad behavior. You four are just as much part of the problem as the humans!

Torquoise<Ghost of Christmas Present, 1951 adaptation starring Alistair Sim as Scrooge>: Oh come off it, Copper. We are making merry! Spreading joy! Feeding the hungry, strengthening the weak, caring for the poor, spreading warmth to the hearts of men everywhere, and warming other areas of a few lucky shepherd girls!

<More raucous laughter from Blue, Alabaster and Green>

Brown <high, whiny, wheezy, breathless old man>: And while you cavort, and carry on, and make these people lazy instead of teaching them to help themselves, Tan, Copper and I are counting and calculating and trying to find enough numbers of goodness left to prevent Red over here from destroying the whole planet!”

Red<Adolf Hitler speaking English>: I will bide my time! Their imperfections will reveal themselves, then I will purge the planet! By fire! By water! By the tearing asunder of earth! I will rid this world of its imperfections! I will begin anew!

Alabaster<Clint Eastwood meets Sparks Nevada>: Yeah… sure Red. You do realize, you singleminded prick, that the rest of us made sure there were enough good qualities imbued in humanity so that you could never justify doing that, right?

Tan<classic nerd voice, nasally, with an uncomfortable breathing rhythm>: And yet the numbers do not lie. This quarters numbers for theft, murder, sodomy and war are up 200%. And Copper and Brown verify that if this trend continues, future projections put Red within his goal in less than five human generations.

Alabaster<interjecting>: Yeah, um, about you and Copper and Brown. Why in hell do we need three facets dedicated to penny pinching and number crunching and statistical analysis when one facet of the rest of us works just fine?

Copper: My good man! We are responsible for creating an entire living world filled with even we don’t know precisely how many species.  If we get something wrong, well, we have messed up all of creation! I would say that level of responsibility calls for a certain amount of redundancy.

Alabaster: Yeah, ok I guess.  The three of you just give me a headache.

Blue: Come Alabaster, let’s be away from here! Green, Turquoise, come! Let us go spread love and kindness and good will so that these three stop nagging us! We can inspire people to give charitably!

Green: And visit orphans to give them hope!

Alabaster: I’ll find some thieves and and convince them to change their ways.

Torquoise: perhaps there are one or two daughters of a shiek that require…  comfort.

Alabaster: Oh yeah Turquoise, we will find someone for you can comfort…Tan, Brown, Copper, happy calculating… Red, whatever it is that you do…

Red: I wait!

Alabaster: Have fun waiting then…Down to Earth we go!
In response to Picture Prompt #23: Other Realms II.

5 thoughts on “Eight Facets of God

    1. Thanks! The picture just gave me this whole Easter Island meets the old Muppet guys in the balcony meets looking down from heaven It’s A Wonderful Life style. How that directly led to the post I created, well I can’t even explain that to myself. 😁

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