VII Days of Peace – Day I: Legacy of Precita Park

VII Days of Peace in the Neighborhood
Some really good points on how peace is not just some abstract idea, but an emotional manifestation (like love or happiness) that will not happen unless we actively work towards attaining it.

The Neighborhood

Peace is the Moment

from Cairo Egypt, Tamara Yousry featuring Mariam Ali with Eve’s Lament

Bench by Rob Goldstein Bench by Rob Goldstein

In 1996, in San Francisco’s Precita Park, a young couple was shot dead in a senseless act of meaningless violence. There was no ill will among the victims and their assailant, in fact they were absolute strangers. And because the gunman was ruled incompetent to stand trial, instead ordered to spend his life in a State Mental Hospital, there is the very real possibility that Peace would not have ever come over him, no matter how many peace signs we throw up into the air. But we have no way of knowing for sure.

Peace is a state of mind. It is an emotion, a feeling, a way we walk and the way we talk. Peace is only abstract if that is how we view it. Peace cannot be achieved if we are not actively pursuing it…

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