A Different Kind of Prompt

Picture Prompt #24

I woke up, turned on coffee and reviewed writing prompts.  Looked at  above picture, thought That looks like my cousin Mary, and saved as draft.  My coffeepot beeped and all other thought vanished. 

 At lunch, pull up drafts.  Again, this girl. Damn, is that Mary?  

 I’m not sure. It’s been awhile! Well, 45 minutes to stalk Mary’s Facebook/Twitter! 

 I searched all lunch. I didn’t find this picture.  But I learned she’s met really cool people, had amazing experiences and looks beautiful! So I told her so. 

 This picture prompted me differently, but reconnecting  meant more than any story I could have created. 

 In response to Picture Prompt #24, in 100 words or less. (Names changed in this post)

3 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Prompt

  1. Love this! How fun. I’m glad it not only inspired you to reach out, but that you followed through with your inspiration. The picture is of my friend Monique. When she posted this pic on FB, I couldn’t resist using it.


  2. I love this story–I am horrible at keeping in touch, so when something reminds me of someone I haven’t thought of in a while, I don’t act on it nearly as often as I think I should.

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    1. I’m actually pretty horrible about keeping touch too, and have to be honest, had my day been more hectic, or otherwise crazy, I probably would not have taken them time to reach out, but I’m glad it worked out well this time 🙂

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