The Perfect Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

April woke up to her cell phone buzzing and dancing across the nightstand. She grabbed in its general direction and successfully captured it on the third try. She squinted, trying to unblur the Caller ID.
Call from…Office Mr. Pat 

6:02am She didn’t oversleep.

“Hello?” April tried her best to sound like she’d already had a cup of coffee.

Oh, good! I hope you haven’t left for work yet.”

“No Mr. Pat, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing wrong, dear, nothing wrong. But the volcano has grounded most flights out of Asia, it simply is not safe. So, Marishu-san is rescheduling next week, which means there is absolutely no reason for you to spend your Saturday here. Enjoy the day April, I’ll see you Monday morning.”

Before April could say another word the line clicked dead. A Saturday off?  Should she sleep in? She was already awake, so that seemed like a waste. She climbed out of bed and stared out the window overlooking her mostly slumbering neighborhood.

“Right then, a Saturday to myself.”

Instead of the usual fifteen minute dash on her beat-up treadmill, she enjoyed a leisurely hour long jog through the park, watching the world wake up around her. As she toweled off from the shower, she decided a day downtown would be just the ticket.

On the bus ride into town, April reviewed her plans. First stop would be a walk through the zoo, before it got too hot. She brought her favorite camera; maybe she could get some inspirational shots for her next painting.  Then she would check out the stands at the terminal market, that would be the perfect place for lunch. Oh! Aunt Joanne’s birthday was coming up, she should try to find her a present. She allotted the entire afternoon to walking through the art museum and hopefully–

April glanced down at the incoming text message and smiled. Not only did Brandon want to meet her by the boardwalk for cocktails, but he also suggests that he take her to the Bistro for dinner. 

April tugged the line as her stop approached and made her way to the front of the bus. This was going to be a fantastic day.

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