And Then There Was Life

Children: “Great Grandfather, tell us a story!”

Great Grandfather: “Certainly, my precious children. Which one do you want to hear?”

Youngest Child: “The one about the bunny rabbit and the Poppy seed!”

Eldest Child in a scolding tone: “No! Not that one. He told us that one before!”

Great Grandfather, leaning down to meet the Eldest Child’s eyes, asks: “Then, little one, which of my other stories do you wish to hear?”

Shyly dropping back a bit, Eldest Child says: “Um…Tell us the one about why the sky is laughing, the ocean is dancing, the wind is singing, the moon is dreaming, and the earth is rejoicing.”

In the beginning of time, after the Sky and the Sun and the Moon began the Great Dance; and after the Sky offered the Wind protection within its realm; and after the Moon pulled at the Ocean to separate it from the Earth; and after the Wind had dried the Earth and carried bits of the Ocean back to moisten Earth again; after all these great miracles, the Makers observed in delight the new world they had created.

The Ocean was splashing and crashing against Earth in happy uproar.  Earth was basking in the light of the Sun and slumbering in the peaceful brilliance of the Moon.  The Wind whipped back and forth, flirting with both Earth and Ocean. And the Sky, Sun and Moon spun through the Cosmos, gleeful embracing their hold on one another.

Each day the Makers looked at their World in delight, until one day they saw that the Wind was barely rustling, and the Earth lay silent, with nary a wave rippling through the Ocean.  The Sky continued its dance with Sun and Moon, but only dancing enough that they were not drift apart, thereby causing utter destruction.

“Why are you so?” demanded the Makers.  “What makes you sad?”

“Why do I circle Sun around Sky?”  Asked Moon.

Why, to light the Earth when Sun cannot, and to pull the Ocean back from flooding Earth!” replied the Makers.

“Why do I shine down on Earth and Ocean?” asked the Sun.

“Why, so that Earth can be warm, and so Ocean will rise up into rain clouds!”

“Why whip around Ocean and Earth moving clouds around the sky?”  asked Wind.

“Why, so that  the rain falls on Earth, and Earth does not shrivel up and die!” The Makers exclaimed.

“Why do I constantly dance with Sun and Moon?  Why do I hold together Wind and Earth and Water?” asked Sky.

“Why, without Sun and Moon and Wind, Earth and Ocean could not exist!”

“So what if Ocean and I shrivel up and die, or fall away from Sky and Sun and Moon?  Why does it matter?” asked Earth.

The Makers smiled.  “It matters because you are ready.”

Each Maker raised up, and Earth and Ocean trembled and quaked.  Wind whipped around, unsure of what was happening and all Sky could do was hold them all together as Sun and Moon worked hard to maintain their dance.

After a moment, or an eternity, the rumbling stopped and the Makers gazed upon the next transformation of their world.  Earth had completely changed.  What was once barren rack, dirt and and lava, trees and grasses and plants sprouted forth.  Animals ran through the grasslands and climbed through the trees.  The Ocean felt more fluid than ever as thousands of new creatures swam through its depths.  Birds launched from there trees, soaring up through the sky, then diving back down into the water.

The Makers addressed their wards.  “Moon, if you do not pull the Ocean from the Earth, a great many creatures will die that can only live on one or the other.  Sun, these creatures need you to warm the Earth for them, to keep them warm; and also to pull the Ocean up into clouds in the Sky.  Wind, you must move the clouds so that all creatures can get the water they need for life.  Ocean and Earth, as the others perform these tasks for you, you must love these new creations and care for them so they may learn, and grow and prosper.  What say you to that?”

There was only one response as their true purposes were revealed.  The Sky began laughing, triggered by the dancing of the Ocean and the singing of the Wind.  The Sun beamed it’s rays down, warming the Earth and the Moon cast a dreamy light on the places the Sun could not be. Basking in millions of creations now given as it’s charge, the Earth rejoiced.

In response to Myth-understandings.


7 thoughts on “And Then There Was Life

  1. Oh! So lovely!! I can see Great Grandfather weave his wonderful tale, and the kiddos enthralled with it all. There’s also a lovely moment I see, years and years from now, when the children are grandparents, staring at a moonlit, starry night, remembering the night their great grandfather told them the story of the sun, the moon, the ocean, and the earth, and why the sky was always so full of laughter.

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