Hard Catchin’ Flies with Vinegar

Picture Prompt #21: Theme & Genre

Teddy: Hey, lady, you got a smoke?

Mrs. Gruber leans as far towards Teddy as she can, squinting her eyes as she looks him over.

Mrs. Gruber: Smokin’s no good for you, son.  But you might look like ya need somethin’ a bit stronger. What the devil happened to you?

Teddy: Waddaya mean, what happened to — oh, oh, no, lady, no, this is just work. I’m fine.

Mrs. Gruber is still leaned over peering at him with a quizzical expression on her face.

Mrs. Gruber: Then I really don’t wanna see the other guy.

Teddy: Nah, lady, I’m an actor. This is makeup. I didn’t beat any one up, I just need a shower… And a cigarette…

Mrs. Gruber sits up straight.

Mrs. Gruber: Smoking will ruin your skin, you know. Them new high wifi tech TVs and cameras aint kind to saggy, wrinkled skin.  You seen a picture of Clint Eastwood lately? Course at his age, not much to be done.  I love Clint Eastwood. Do you know Clint Eastwood?

Teddy: No, lady, I hadn’t made the big time yet. I’m just an extra.  You know, for a mob scene?  

Mrs. Gruber: Well Clint Eastwood had extras too didn’t he? There were plenty of extras could’ve met Mr. Eastwood making Dirty Harry, I imagine.

Teddy: And I imagine I couldn’t have possibly have been one of them. Since that movie came out four years before I was born.

Mrs. Gruber: Humph. That makes you a little old to haven’t “made the Big Time yet”. Whatcha waiting for? Ya ain’t getting any younger and your skin’s not getting any firmer. You oughta make your move already, son!

Teddy jumps to standing.

Teddy: What do you know about it, lady?! You know how lucky I was to get in this movie, how impossible a speaking role would’ve been? You know what, screw you lady, I don’t need this crap! I’ll go get a pack of cigarettes  and catch the next bus.

Mrs. Gruber: That pack of cigarettes could be the worst thing that ever happens to you! {She calls out to Teddy as he storms away, then turns her attention to her purse where her cell phone is ringing}  Hello! Oh Patrick, how are you sweetheart?  Are you still filming? Oh, why the delay?  Why, what a shame, the perfect young man was sitting right here, I could’ve gotten his number for you to give Mr. Clint!  Well, he kept complaining about needing cigarettes and stormed off!  Nasty, rude habit, I say, makes people down-right unpleasant. Enough about that, when are you going to give me a great grandchild?


In response to Picture Prompt #21: Theme & Genre.


3 thoughts on “Hard Catchin’ Flies with Vinegar

  1. I wanted someone to respond to this, so I’m so glad you did! Perfect-o! (and not far off the mark. I think this was a candid shot taken during a Zombie-thon. A man is taking a break between frantic marathon runners, explaining to a confused woman what a Zombie-thon is all about).

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