For the Birds

Mr. Pinker grabbed a paper, then sat down for breakfast, 

He read of a would-be caper, but the robber was quite reckless,

Flipped through sports and business, before he heard the sound

And, God as his witness, his amazement was profound

Running through his hallways, were children dark and fair

He stood inside the doorway, and loudly did declare,

“What is the meaning of this? Why are children in my house?”

His butler looked remiss, replied quiet as a mouse,

“Apologies my lord master, but if you do recall,

You promised to the pastor, child care during softball.”

Mr. pinker began a slew of swears, cutting daggers at the butler

“What a splendid state of affairs! A morning like no other!

Please kindly tell me Jeeves, where can I read my paper?”

Jeeves sighed and said, relieved, “The library should be quieter.”

Snatching the paper in hand, Pinker marched up to the library,

But before he could start the Classifieds scan, he heard sounds of bitter rivalry

Between painters hired to freshen the walls, arguing about who had the bigger balls.

Disgusted, Mr. Pinker stormed out, knowing painting would not be done that day, he had no doubt,

Mr. Pinker snuck past those snotty kids, and emerged in the quiet of his garden,

“I just want my paper, Heaven forbid!”, then heard, “I beg your pardon,

Sir, I must ask you to leave. I have to tend this plot.”

Pinker was clearly aggrieved, as his morning was coming to naught.

“Please tell me, man, where may I go, to read a paper in my house?

The kitchen is a no-no, along with the library, hallway and there about!”

“Perhaps sir you should go up high, where no one dare to follow?”

“That’s not easy to come by,” as Mr. Pinker watched a swallow

Flit and perch on a bench, then try out the scene a rose bush,

It then pecked around a trench, and rooted through underbrush.

Finding nothing, it flew up high, and Mr. Pinker had been answered!

He let out a gleeful cry, and up the pole he scampered!

Picture Prompt #2: Up in the Air or Down on the Floor


Picture Prompt #2: Up in the Air or Down on the Floor.

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