Oh, He Went There

”That is your brother!”

“Yeah, oh man….That is my brother…”

“His shirt! He’s taking off his shirt!”

“And he’s dancing on the table…”

“Did he just lick that poor woman’s nose?!”

“Maybe we should offer a sanitation wipe…”

“Kyle! What are you going to do about this? That is your brother!”

I know Kate. What can I — dear God he’s using the half n half…”

“Look! The manager is going over! They’ll call the cops!”

“I really don’t think he cares… He’s not gonna… Is he gyrating?…”

“Kyle! I am mortified! What do we do?

“Finish our coffee and pay the bill, then sneak away and bail him out if he gets arrested… Oh wow, there go the pants…”

In response to Picture Prompt #26 Starting or Ending


4 thoughts on “Oh, He Went There

  1. Half-and-half??!! And in the middle of breakfast service?! Yes, please, somebody do something, and quick! Or else I’ll never be able to look at a cinnamon bun the same way again.

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