The Hero Protector

Today was a very important day.  He had been preparing for this day his whole life.

As he pulled on his war tunic and adjusted it over the protective skins lining his chest, he reflected on all he had gone through to get to this point today.  Days on end with his tutors learning the history and art of war.  Countless hours in the sand pits, training with sticks, and dummies, the leaded wood swords and finally one on one combat with real blades.  After swordplay, hand to hand combat, and learning the arts of the ninja.

He pulled up his briefs and leggings, then stepped in his shoes and began lacing up.  It was his honor to be the hero protector of the kingdom.  His charge to travel far and wide to seek out any threats to his sovereign and stamp them out.  His heart swelled with the faith he felt from his people.

He began to don his special gifts from the royal wizard — gifts only to be touched by the hero protector, lest they be corrupted in lesser hands.  He pulled the Mystical Spectacles around his eyes.  They would let him see ten times further than normal, and allowed him to observe the true nature of a man’s heart.  Then he hefted the Great Helm over his white-blonde hair.  No arrow could penetrate that helm, and it gifted him with super sonic hearing.  Finally, his most prized gift was strapped on to his back: The Speeding Star.  While wearing it, he could fly faster than the birds and reach any corner of the kingdom in record time.

He stood tall, looking over the balcony at the city spread beneath him and the country side beyond.  He was ready. He was The Hero Protector.

Source: Picture Prompt #26: Starting or Ending


10 thoughts on “The Hero Protector

  1. When I looked at this shot I saw an adventurous young lady. You saw the young man, The Hero Protector. I am continually amazed how a group of normal people (or in my case ‘relatively normal’) can hear, or see, the same prompt and the resultant stories display such diversity. That’s one of the things that keeps me playing this game!
    This one’s another great one, by the way.

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    1. Thank you! It amazes me too! You know, I can see the young lady now, but today at work one of my coworkers brought her son in for a few hours, it was his last day before starting kindergarten. And after spending the afternoon with him “helping” us 😉 I saw the picture and The Hero Protector was born…

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      1. Makes perfect sense to me. I might have seen a girl because I have daughters. They are pretty old these days and I doubt that they would strap a rocket on their backs anymore… OK maybe one of them would.

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  2. Oh! So wonderful. Really! Mystical Spectacles and The Speeding Star. Now I know what to get all my favorite TBP-ers for Christmas!
    (Want another challenge? Write the story of that little guy now grown up to be TBP Guy…because it occurs to me now that TBP guys needs a story!)

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