Out of the Clouds

Emma and Danny watched the tornado funnel sashay down towards the ground in front of them.  Everyone else had made it into the cellar, but Danny wasn’t there and Emma had turned back to find him frightened and lost in the corn field.  As they ran back towards the cellar, they realized the twister was coming down in between them and the main house.

Emma was sure it was supposed to be very windy and noisy being this close to a twister, but the air around them was still and tranquil. Danny reached out and took Emma’s hand as the point of the funnel touched the ground and became became a solid column of swirling white cloud.

“Emmy, Emmy look!” Danny tugged on Emma’s hand and pointed at the ground, where the cloud was beginning to lift back away. “There’s a brown box, Emmy! What could it be?”

Emma and Danny were transfixed as the cloud slowly began to lift away and reveal it’s cargo.  Emma made out what looked like red tufts of fabric behind the box — no, it was a suitcase! And at the suitcase handle was a pair of hands followed by more red — a dress!

“That’s not just a box, Danny,” Emma explained with wonder. ” we have a visitor.”

The children continued to watch as the cloud slowly unveiled their guest. At long last, the woman was completely free and stepped forward with a warm smile and courtesy.

“Your Royal Highnesses, Princess Emmaliya and Prince Daniel, I presume? I am Lady Sylvia, hand picked by Her Majesty to serve as your private governess.” The intriguing stranger bent down, reached her hand out to the children and gave an encouraging smile. “Come now, it’s time to take you home.”

Source: Picture Prompt #28: Not Here

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