Can’t Catch a Break

Micky woke up knowing this would be the best day of his life.  All the stars had aligned for him to have the perfect day and wind up with the perfect girl.

He ran down to the garage to gather up his science project.  Convincing his Dad to give him a ride, he got to school thirty minutes early to set everything up .He knew his water filtration project would be the best in the fair.

Once the fair started and he was satisfied, he spied Annie with her project just a few students down.  No time like the present to impress her.

“Hi Annie,” Micky began.  “I’m presenting a water filtration system.  Your project looks interesting, too.  What is it?”

Annie smiled and started to speak, but was interrupted by Jeff,  the student next to her, laughing at Micky.

“You did water filtration?” Jeff jeered.  “You’re using a simple carbon filter!  Jeez, that’s been around forever!”

Micky bristled at the comment.  “Oh yeah, Jeff?  And what stupid project do you have?”

“The morphological identification of of aid-separated gravitationally lensed quasars.” Jeff smirked, knowing he had won.

Micky stared back at him, anger rising, and the fact that Annie was standing right there and witnessed the entire exchange pushed him passed the boiling point.  With a guttural roar, he lunged towards Jeff’s project display and knocked the entire project to the ground.

“Micky Johnson!” Mr. McKane came scurrying over. “What is going on?”


Mickey spent the next three hours in Mr. McKane’s classroom doing extra  math equations and word problems.

“How are you feeling?” Mr. McKane asked.

“Better I guess.  I’m sorry I lost my temper.”

“Next time, remember breathing like we talked about.  Okay, go on now, before you’re late for the football game.”

The football game!  He had to hurry.  This was his chance to redeem himself!  Annie was a cheerleader, so if he did good, she would totally forget about the science fair.  Micky skidded to a halt in front of his locker and opened it up to grab his gear.  His locker was empty.

No!!!  In his excitement over the science fair, he hadn’t grabbed his clean gear from the laundry room.  He ran the entire mile and a half home, changed into his gear and ran all the way back to school.  As he emerged onto the field, his heart sank.  The score board read 13:45 1st 0-0.  The game had started.  He ran up to his coach anyway.

“Johnson!” Coach Reilly barked.  “You’re late to a game! And you were late to practice twice this month so far! On the bench!”

“But Coach–” Micky objected.

“No buts!  You can either show up on time or you don’t get to play.  Bench.  Now.”

Micky collapsed onto the bench in defeat.  He watched his team win while he sat on the bench, sulking.  Micky did try to be happy for them, but he just couldn’t get excited about anything, so he said goodbye to his teammates and decided to stroll around the square and pout.

Keeping his head to the ground, Micky trudged down the sidewalk. How could a day that had started so well turned out so horribly?  He would have to think of something really spectacular to show Annie he wasn’t the idiot he acted like today.  But what could he do?  He’d have to work really hard at practice that week, make sure he wasn’t late and get back on Coach’s good side.  Then he could show her–

Too late.  He was too late. Because there was Annie, sitting on the bench with Andrew Potts.  It was done.  Micky’s life was over.  Maybe he could convince his parents to move, start new.

Nah, he knew what his Mom would say.  Suck it up Mick.  Stand straight. Tomorrow is another day.

Source: Thur Picture Prompt #30: High School

5 thoughts on “Can’t Catch a Break

  1. Love this. Its “so high school,” but in a good way! I think I’m going to have to create the Morphological Identification of Aid- separated Gravitationally Lens Quaser Award for best use of a prompt

    Liked by 1 person

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