Nick grabbed for his phone, but it slipped through his fingers and bounced on the carpet.  He could distantly hear the woman on the other end.

What is the nature of your emergency?  911…

He tried to yell out, but only heard himself moaning as he lost the battle against gravity and collapsed on the floor beside his phone.

Powerless against the spasms, his eyes travelled to the staircase. Oh God, no! Rachel, baby, it’ll be okay! Daddy’ll be okay! Please God, don’t let her watch me die!

IMG_0293Nick’s final thought before losing consciousness was a prayer that his terrified daughter would not be the last image he ever saw.

Source: Thur Picture Prompt #31: Tears of a Child

6 thoughts on “Seizure

  1. Whoa. I loved that you went to such a heart-wrenching place. Why? Because when I saw this pic, I saw a spoiled brat on a time-out. Gosh…we are all so imaginative!

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    1. That’s where we are all different I think. A time out in my world would never be on the staircase, so that totally changes the nature of the girl’s tears for me… This is why I love your prompts! We can all see the different possibilities 🙂

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