Rainy Day Fund

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.  And most who knew it had ever existed, believed it to have fallen into ruin a hundred years ago. Only the McClean brothers knew the truth. And today was the day they were cashing in.

Greg tied the skiff up in the cove on the west side of the island and Scott and Matt followed him up the cliff.  The only entrance was built into the rock wall itself, an expertly hidden door that, once opened, revealed a steep staircase winding to the courtyard and castle above.  As they hiked up, Greg had to ask Scott a question.

“You never said who was with her.”


“When you walked in on Tammy. Who was it? You never said.”

“Oh.” Scott lowered his head. “It was the pastor.”

Both brothers groaned. “Ah, man!” “That is just wrong…”

Once in the main castle, the brothers went to a tiny side room where they positioned themselves to move aside the stone alter under the window.

“Guys, are we sure this is okay? I mean, I’ll figure it out.” Scott looked at his brothers, trying to read any sign of resentment on their face.

Matt gave Scott an exasperated look. “Why else would our father, and his father, and his father before him have started this? It’s our rainy day fund, and you, my brother, are having one hell of a rainy day.”

“Besides,” Greg chimed in, “you’re only taking interest, it’s not like we’re cutting into the original investment. If you can pay it back, fine.  If not, it’ll make itself back in five years, give or take.”

“All right then.” Scott positioned himself at the alter and all three brother heaved it to the side, exposing a shallow pit filled with gold bars. “Thank God I never told Tammy about this…”

Source: Mondays Finish the Story – October 5th, 2015

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