Keeping it Real

“Can you believe this Mama?” Tutti paced back and forth in excitement. “Not only do people come to see us every day, but they made statues of us out of trees! We are so famous!”

Mama Lenah sighed. “Maybe if we had just kept moving, then are lives would be much more peaceful…”

“No my dearest,” Papa Ravi nudged Mama Lenah affectionately.  “The area was overrun. This our best chance at a good life for Tutti.”

“Very well, dear,” Mama Lena sighed. “But truthfully, Ravi. Is my behind really as big as in the topiary?”

“Um, well, of course not, dear… Oh,Tutti, look! They want us to pose for the cameras!”

Source: Thur Picture Prompt #32: Animal/Human Nature


5 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

  1. And the third’s a charm (now you have to share this with your grandpa!). You know what they say about writer’s block? You just sit down and start writing. Anything. Which is exactly what you did tonight. All three fun takes!

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