The Great Escape

Jerry was finally ready to do what he wanted to do.

He’d been listening to everyone else for years, trying to convince himself that they were telling him the truth.  Trying to make himself conform to their rules. He almost escaped last year, but lost his nerve and got caught. Willy kept on him all the time about it. What if we had just kept moving, then we would be free. Jerry was done with that. Now he would do what he wanted to do. Now it would be just him and Willy.

“Ok, Jerry,” Willy whispered in his ear.  “You’ve got this.  Just walk up there like nothing is wrong and while their backs are turned, grab the duffel bag. You can do this, bro, then we are home free!”

Jerry started walking to the nurses’ station and tried to ignore the clam mines of his palms.  Suzanne was filling out paperwork and glanced up as his approach.

“Hey, there Jerry! What you up to today?”

“Oh, you know,” Jerry leaned against the desk. “Just chillin’ with Willy.”

“Oh, yeah?” Suzanne raised a brow. “I thought you were taking a break from Willy for awhile?”

“Eh, I’m just humoring him a bit today.”

Suzanne stood up and gave him a concerned smile. “Jerry, I’m gonna go call Dr. Michaels and see how he feels about you and Willy hanging out again.  He might want to talk to you about it, make sure it’s what you really want, okay?”

“Uh, ok Suzanne, if you think that’s best,” Jerry hoped his smile was encouraging. Go, call him, just walk behind that partition so I can grab the bag!

“Easy there, Jerry,” Willy whispered in his ear. “Just take it easy, we’re almost home free.”

“Hang tight, Jerry, I’ll be back in a sec, okay?” Suzanne gave him another smile.

“Yeah, sure Suzanne.” He watched her turn the corner, then hurdled himself over the station and grabbed the duffle bag. Swinging himself back over, he pulled the bag over his shoulder and started trotting down the hall.

“Perfect, Jerry.” As always, Willy was right there to guide him. “hid towards the elevators and turn into the last bathroom right before you get there.

“That’s great. Now what does he have in there in the way of street clothes? Oh, that’ll work, Jerry, go ahead and change in the jeans and t-shirt. Dump the clothes you were wearing, no need for someone to trace us back later.

“Ok, his swipe card for the elevator should be in the side pocket. Lets go to the parking garage.  What’s that? You found his key too? Great, go ahead and sound the alarm once so we can find it. Time to leave this place behind Jerry.”

An hour later, Jerry and Willy were cruising down open highway on a scooter.

“I never did believe those doctors Willy.  image41Whatever they say, you will always be the most real thing that ever exists in this world.”

“I love you too, Jerry.”

Source: Thur Picture Prompt #32: Animal/Human Nature


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