Quote #4 Helen Keller on Optimism

Well the challenge is over, but I am having fun, and as long as it’s fun, I see no reason to stop. Without further ado, today’s quote:

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.                                            – Helen Keller

7 thoughts on “Quote #4 Helen Keller on Optimism

  1. OK, I guess I haven’t paid very close attention, but I don’t exactly get how the 3-day Quote thing works. Is it a prompt for others to respond to? I ask, because I love using quotes as prompts, but nobody responded to those, so I dropped using them.

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    1. It’s supposed to be a different sort of chain to help promote each other’s blogs, a different take on the whole award thing, and more fun in my opinion. Someone nominates you to post three days of your favorite quotes, if you accept, you mention your nominator, challenge three others to accept and post your quotes. I accepted April’s challenge and discovered I love perusing quotes, so I’m just going to continue to post my favorites until I grow bored with it, or decide to change it up or give it a twist of some kind

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