Drifting Between the Worlds

Mirror II George Tooker

Mirror II
George Tooker

I float around in the tranquil void

A restful limbo free of prejudice

Colors and shapes swirl around

Forming brief, solid impressions

Then dissipate back into my psyche

Only to come out again in a different guise.

The semblance d’jour is a shifting face

Altering features and skin tones

My mother, my grandfather, my cousin,

My best friend, my uncle, a stranger

My grandmother, oh can’t she stay a bit longer?

The only constant is the eyes

Not the eye color, nor the eye shape

But the love flowing through every pair of eyes

And I can sleep knowing I am not alone.

Source: Wed Stories: George Tooker

3 thoughts on “Drifting Between the Worlds

  1. Oh! Yes, please! Make our grandmas stay a bit longer in our dreams. I instantly knew I was in a dream and definitely felt the lucidness. Great choice of Tooker’s artwork and great take on the prompt. Makes me smile!

    Liked by 1 person

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