It’s a Dead Man’s Party

“Naw, man, you chill! I got the door.”

Robbie jammed down the hallway, navigating around make-out sessions and gyrating bodies. He stopped just short of crashing into a guy rounding the corner with five Dixie cups balanced in his hand.

“Woah! Careful dude, don’t want any alcohol abuse on my watch. There you go.” Robbie danced around the guy as the doorbell rang again.  “I’m coming!” He managed to reach the front door a minute later. Please don’t be the cops.

“Happy Halloween, bitches!” He pulled the door open with gusto, to reveal two figures waiting on the other side. “Old people costumes! Nice! Really lifelike. Come join the party!”

As the two figures slid inside the apartment, Robbie caught a whif of odor. “Dude! What’d you do, dip your head in embalming fluid? Sick!”

“Now Robert, how on earth do you expect to host a party with all these people running around here like animals. What will your guests think?”

Robbie stopped short as he registered what the first figure said. He looked more closely as an old woman haughtily inspected the living room.  The other figure, an old man, hunched his shoulders and silently sat on the corner of the couch.

“Really, Robert, when is the last time this shelf was properly dusted? Frank I told you if your brother didn’t step it up, this boy would amount to nothing!”

Robbie opened and closed his mouth several times, trying to process what he was seeing.  He made a mental note to check with  Jake and make sure nothing was in the weed. He finally gathered enough of his senses about him for two words.

“Aunt Ethel?!?”

“Don’t look so surprised, dear. Who’d you expect? Mother has refused the invitation for years, says she’s too decayed. I warned her not to use that funeral home. Bowden’s might charge a little more, but they do a much better job, don’t you think?”

“Hey, Robbie! Great party man!” Chris crashed into Robbie chest and deposited a Dixie cup in his hand. “Here ya go, bro! Drink up!”

“I’m gonna need something a little stronger.”

Source: Tues Truthiness: It’s a Dead Man’s Party

5 thoughts on “It’s a Dead Man’s Party

    1. Thanks! I know Tuesday is nonfiction, but the Aunt Ethel character just popped in my head and had to come out. I tried to find a way to pull it off in a nonfiction sense, but I’ll be completely honest, I’d rather just let the dead lie….

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