The Inlet House

The Inlet House

Every chance she got, Mary came to look at the Inlet house. Sitting at the western edge of town, the house was built up along the sea wall overlooking the Inlet.  No ship could come into harbor without passing by that house.  The upper balcony was the most perfect place on earth to watch the sun set

Mary knew the Inlet house would be hers one day. She would own it; her wedding would take place on the side lawn overlooking the water.  She would have her children there; watch them play and swim in the water, then swing with them on the porch, making up stories about the boats they saw — where they came from, where they were going.

As the car turned the corner, Mary craned her neck to check the property. She had memorized everything about it so she could make sure nothing was missing. Only today, there was something new!

“Mom! It’s for sale!”

“What? What’s for sale, Mare?”

“My house, I mean, that house! Over there! It’s for sale Mom, we have to buy it before someone else does!”

“What, the Inlet house? Oh sweetie, yes, it’s nice, but there is no way we could afford that!”

“But why not?”

Her mom laughed. “Mare, honey, I wish we could but they want $1.5 million for that house. We don’t make that kind of money.”

There had to be a way! Mary started calculating in her head. Her allowance was eight dollars a week.  Fifteen divided by eight…. One point… eight…seven….five. One hundred eighty-seven thousand and five hundred weeks!?! How’s many years is that? Eighteen seventy-five divided by fifty-two… Three… six… zero… five point — Oh, what’s the use? With her allowance, it would take three and a half centuries to come up with enough money! She needed to have the money in ten years, twelve max.

“Mom,” Mary announced, “I have to figure out how to make $150,000 a year, starting right now.”

And thus the entrepreneur was born.


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