Shadow Thieves

 “Alice, listen to me,” Felix turned his head up towards her. “As long as we are quiet we won’t arouse their suspicion, but whatever you do, don’t move yout feet.”

For her part, Alice was trying not to panic.  This was a most unusual feeling.  It was as if someone was trying to peel her essence out of her, pushing it down into her heels and steadily tugging at it, stretching it thinner and thinner.  She was having a hard time maintaining her balance without repositioning herself.

“Felix,” she whispered. “What is happening?” She had heard the rumors; whispered tales of the sun going dark at midday, entire villages turning into listless shells of themselves, or even going mad and killing each other.  At first they thought they were nothing more than fanciful nightmares from the exotic Northern Isles.  But the stories kept coming; naming closer villages, told from the lips of trusted messengers. And ten minutes ago, the sun above Alice was consumed, her village temporarily plunged into darkness before being swept in an artificial blue-white light.  That is when the sensation of something shedding her of her spirit began.

“Just stay still.” Felix purred comforting reassurances. “As long as you are physically connected to your shadow, they can’t get it.”

“Can’t get what? Felix, what do they want?”

“Your soul, Alice. They want to eat your soul.”




Source: Thur Picture Prompt #37: One of these things is not like the others…

3 thoughts on “Shadow Thieves

    1. Thankfully for Alice, Shadow Thieves do not have eyesight and rely on the psychic residue of human auras to detect us at all. Otherwise Alice would be defrocked as well as devoided of soul.


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