Her rage and frenzy knew no bound,
She saw she had been wronged,
She called upon the Devil’s hounds,
To avenge and make her strong!

They beheld her rise to power,
Did not object or flee,
They hoped her visage wouldn’t sour;
She would remain care-free

and happy, as she had before
her family was slain.
To this effect, their new Queen swore,
Peace would rule Her domain.

The people cheered and worshipped Her —
A New Era for all!
But their worship was premature,
Their Queen met her pitfall;

Did not predict the Devil’s price,
She did not stop to ask,
If His hounds demand sacrifice,
Before they did her task.

The Dark Lord would always be near,
Whispering in her ear,
Transforming love and trust to fear.
All warmth he did severe,

Filling her head with awful thoughts
Of corruption and lies.
Now squabbling gave her second thoughts,
Were they plotting her demise?

Then came the day the Devil’s hold
Was firmly fixed in place.
Her heart had grown empty and cold
And it showed in her face.

A young girl pled for her mother,
father, and brother too.
Vile threats had come from another,
Her family hadn’t a clue!

They loved their Queen with all their hearts,
They couldn’t harm a fly,
But Devil said they perform black arts,
And therefore they must die.

And so the family was slain,
But they left their girl a spell.
To punish the Queen; End her reign!
By calling the Hounds of Hell.

In response to Hell-Bent.


3 thoughts on “Hell-Bent

    1. Gotta get those drafts down somehow:) and I figure if I’m having that much trouble coming up with something in a form that comes easy,it means I should take the time to work on a form that comes hard. I may stumble into a decent poem in the next year or so 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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