Transcending Language


Music is magic.  The ability of sound waves to come together in a such a way that evokes a surge of emotion is inexplicable. And powerful.

I couldn’t imagine a world without music.  It would take some of the joy out of life.  I don’t actually play an instrument.  That was not gifted to me as a natural talent.  Neither was singing. Give me some sheet music and a little time and I could probably remember how to pick out a tune on a piano, but that is all.  But give me a good pair of headphones, and I will appreciate the talents of others as fully as I can. 

And music memory really is quite remarkable.  After hearing a particularly moving song, just a few chords of the melody can produce the same emotional response, ranging from joy, to laughter, to tears of grief. Well picked music can inspire revolution. And the right song at the right moment can calm anger and promote peace.

Music is magic. Music is power. Music is life.
Source: Tues Truthiness: Expressing the inexpressible

2 thoughts on “Transcending Language

  1. I chose topic for a prompt because I am always transported by music. My (digital player, whatever we’re supposed to call it these days) has the inscription, “Expressing the inexpressible.” Simply put.

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