The Watering Hole

Neville navigated the tight aisles of the dollar general, scanning for anything that might work.

“You, boy!” Called the clerk from the front. “You been rummaging back there a good long time! What you up to?”

“Do you have any metal rods or stands?” Neville called back. He spied a bird cage whose bars were the right size, but it was welded together and that just wouldn’t do.

“What you need stands for?”

Neville rolled his eyes and thought quickly.  “My decoys keep floating away.  I need to secure them.” Neville liked his answer; it was mostly true.

“Decoys, huh? Since when you into duck hunting?” 

Neville snickered in spite of himself.  It wasn’t exactly ducks he was after.  His eyes rested on four pairs of black hooker boots.  All together, the shoes would cost him less than twenty bucks.  Secure them to his ‘decoys’, then bury the boots in the silt, his problem should be solved.  He didn’t have to worry about ruining the look since the shoes would be underwater.  He grabbed his purchases and headed up front to pay.

The clerk took his money, handed him the bagged hooker boots, and watched the boy exit the store.  He turned to the next customer in line.  “That is one weird kid.  Two weeks ago he came in and bought costume jewelry, last week he got those bright neon swim caps and today he buys tramp shoes!  What the heck is that kid up to?”

Source: Thur Picture Prompt #38: How’d that get there?


7 thoughts on “The Watering Hole

      1. Never mind… Scratch that…. The issue is the faulty updated iPad WP app that I am beginning to regard as evil…. If I go to a browser I can see the BP Guy:) yay!


      2. I spent the beginning of my day at work cursing Jooma (worst blog/website format, ever). So, I get it. BTW… if you are following Lola’s Prism, let her know you used one of her Trick or Treat images. She’ll be happy to hear!

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