I Will Cook a Turkey

I’m not a huge turkey person, never really have been.  So when my husband and I moved far enough away that it made sense to spend Thanksgiving among ourselves, and just combine Thanksgiving and Christmas when visiting family, I was happy to ditch the turkey and never look back.

For the past ten years, Thanksgiving has consisted of some combination of shrimp, fish and crab legs; table garnished with melted garlic butter and shell crackers; old newspapers spread out to quickly swoop up the mess.  For the past ten years, it’s been grand.

This year I really got back into cooking.  I’ve been having a lot of fun doing it and I’m proud to say I have had many more wins than I’ve had fails. So about a month ago my husband turns and asks, “We’re doing seafood for Thanksgiving, right?”

My newfound culinary prowess took hold. I realized that never once in my adult life have I hosted and been in charge of a Thanksgiving dinner.  Never have I balanced the cooking time of the turkey and all the various side dishes.  And why not? I can cook.  I know what I’m doing. This year I will create a full fledged Thanksgiving feast!

Those confident convictions flew away the second I started trying to figure out how long the turkey needs to thaw.  I’m desperately afraid the mashed potatoes will be too runny and I’ll burn the casseroles. And heaven forbid the turkey deflate on itself like in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

But I’m gonna persevere and do my best.  And if worst comes to worst, we can go to the Chinese Buffett.

Source: Tue Truthiness: Mmm, mmm, good!

6 thoughts on “I Will Cook a Turkey

  1. Ten years ago was my first time hosting and preparing the big family Thanksgiving. I like the seafood idea! My best friend and I did an Italian Thanksgiving one year that was so good.


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