Dinnertime at Sabrina’s

Sabrina glanced down from the counter top to investigate the thwacking at her leg.

“You’re a little pig you know that?  These are olives.  You don’t like olives.”

The thwacking intensified in a silent but persistent disagreement of that statement.

“Fine, here you go.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  She tossed an olive onto the floor, where it rolled to briefly rest by the stove before being lapped up by an eager tongue.

“Unbelievable.”  Sabrina turned back to the preparation of her dinner.  Within a few moments, the incessant thwacking against her leg began again.  She glanced down and over to see a half-chewed black olive laying in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Brown eyes stared up at her expectantly.

Grabbing a paper towel, she retrieved the olive and threw it in the trash.  “I told you, you don’t like olives.”  Turning back to her cutting board, the thwacking resumed against her leg.  Sabrina ignored it and diced the tomato, using the back of the knife to sweep it into the waiting bowl.  Several bits missed the bowl and fell to the kitchen floor below where they were immediately gobbled up.

“You would think I starved you to death!  You have an entire bowl of food over there in the corner and you are begging for dinner scraps like you haven’t eaten in a week!”

In response, the thwacking resumed on Sabrina’s leg. With all her veggies tossed in dressing, all that was left was to top with the chicken.  She pulled the chicken thighs out of the broiler and brought them over to the cutting board.  Curiously, the thwacking stopped.  She glanced down.

That dog was sitting on his rear end and hind legs, front paws straight up in the air, balancing like a bear.  He stayed like that, not budging, eyes trained on the steaming chicken for a good two minutes.  Sabrina shook her head in wonder.

“I have never met an animal or person that likes food more than you.  But I’ll give it to you, that’s a pretty neat trick.”  Slicing off a small chunk, she gave it to him and put the rest in the salad.  “Now go! I’m hungry too and I believe I deserve to eat at least as good as my dog does.”

The dog chewed up the chicken, grabbed a mouth food of food out of his bowl and sauntered in to jump on the couch and wait for cuddle time.


Source: Tues Truthiness: Talk to the animals?


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