The Kid

Mindy moved among the crowd in an effortless dance, weaving around skirts and slacks and trench coats. The good citizens bustling around her never even realized she was there.  A few people caught sight of her out of the corner of their eye, but she flitted through the terminal so fast, they never knew what they saw. She was always in a hurry, but today she had an especially important package for the Boss.  If she delivered it on time, and the Boss was in a good mood, she might just get a reward. 

Without warning, a man came barreling straight toward her.  Even if she had been bigger, he probably wouldn’t care that she was directly in his path. Mindy had just enough time to jump out of the way, even as she heard the men hunting him shout orders to make him stop.  She tried to jut her foot back to trip him up, but failed. 

As his pursuers rushed past her, one stopped and helped Mindy to her feet. “You okay Short Stuff?”

“Yeah, Eddie,” Mindy smoothed out the hem of her dress. “I’ll have a bruise on my elbow tomorrow, but I’ll be fine.”

Eddie stooped down beside her, picking up the package. “This yours?”

“Oh gosh, yes!” Mindy snatched it from Eddie’s hand, scolding herself for dropping it. “I have to get this to the Boss!”

“Get goin’ then, sister,” Eddie patted her head. “I’d better get back to the chase. That screwball thinks he he don’t gotta give the Boss his cut!”

“See ya, Eddie!” Mindy scampered through the rest of the crowded room, anxious to deliver her package before any other dangers came her way.  At least Eddie wouldn’t tell the Boss what she had almost lost.

Stopping in front of the closed door, she took a deep breath and knocked.  The replying bark was almost immediate. “Whadda ya want?”

Opening the door, Mindy walked straight up to the oversized desk and placed her package on the surface. With eyes down, she announced, “For you sir, from the mayor.”

She stood silently, as protocol dictated, for over ten minutes as the Boss opened the package and studied its contents in detail.  Finally, he broke the silence.  “Call Bugsy in here, I can’t believe the bum pulled it off… then take this letter to the Commisioner. And don’t you come back until he hands you a response, got it kid?”

“Yes sir,” Mindy said softly, backing out of the room.  As she shut the door behind her, she let her disappointment wash over her.  Bugsy would get all credit for whatever she had just delivered and she would be forever running the next errand.

Best not dwell on it though, she thought as she disappeared back into the sea of people.  If she didn’t do as the Boss asked, not getting a reward would be the least of her problems. Besides, she liked her job and was good at it. But sometimes it seemed like being invisible just got her the short end of the stick.

Source: Now You See Me | The Daily Post

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